US LBM: Formed to Acquire Regional Lumber & Building Materials Distributors

Experienced Leadership with a Hands-Off Approach...

The concept of U.S. LBM was founded in the summer 2009. The management team had a vision of a progressive organization that promoted a very unique culture. The foundation of U.S. LBM was to focus on the value of its customers and associates recognizing that the importance of each business unit was maintained in the local market. In October 2009, U.S. LBM came into existence with the financial backing of the existing management team and outside investors. U.S. LBM’s mission remains to partner with the leading companies in the industry while instilling best practices across the entire organization.

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Kelso & Company

Kelso & Company has been investing in North American private equity for over 35 years. Kelso benefits from a successful investment track record, a long-tenured and stable investing team, a reputation as a preferred partner to management teams and strategics, and a significant alignment of interest with all of our partners. Since 1980, Kelso has raised a total of nine private equity funds and has invested $12 billion of equity capital in 120 investments across a wide range of industries.

Kelso was founded in 1971 by Louis Kelso, commonly referred to as the inventor of the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (or ESOP).  The tenets of Kelso’s ESOP heritage, including a significant alignment of interest and history of partnership, remain key components of the Firm's strategy and differentiation.  Just as the ESOP represented a solution which aligned management, labor and shareholder interests, Kelso today seeks to partner and create a strong alignment of interest with outstanding management teams, corporate and operating partners and investors who are seeking a value-added partner. For more information, please visit

Kelso acquired a majority interest in U.S. LBM in August 2015.

L.T. Gibson
President and CEO

L.T. Gibson believes that a company should care for its employees first, so they can better care for the customer. With more than 20 years in the industry, L.T. was responsible for the startup and turnaround of local businesses into a $1.5b division of one of the largest companies in the industry. This experience is essential for integrating new and different companies into the U.S. LBM organization. L.T. believes that by creating a culture of accountability, integrity and continuous improvement, U.S. LBM will be well-positioned to service the rapidly changing building materials market.

Future Plans

U.S. LBM Holdings will continue to make investments and acquisitions in the lumber and building materials pro dealer segment. Direct acquisition inquiries to